E se il problema fossi io?!

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Allora, dopo attenta riflessione e soprattutto dopo  l'aiuto delle amiche che hanno risposto al mio appello, inizio a sospettare che il problema sia io, ovvero il mio pc, che è ancora in fase di recupero dopo la "malattia"... anche perchè, proprio oggi, mentre facevo un giro sul forum di EMS è apparso un pop-up che rimandava a siti decisamente poco crocettosi, e visto che sulla sicurezza del sito di Ellen potrei mettere l'hard-disk sul fuoco, forse il mio piccino ha bisogno di una robusta dose di vitaminici antivirus!!!

Well, I guess that the problem it's me! I asked my webfriends to tell me if they could see the same hyperlinks that appear on my screen, and they told me that everything looks ok and they can't see anything abnormal. Moreover, while I was having a look on EMS forum today suddenly "popped-up a pop-up" that would have brought me to some sites that have definetely anything to do with crossstitch, if you know what I mean!  I know that EMS forum is absolutely reliable, so now I know that it's  me, that my "baby" pc - which recently suffered a bad "flu" - is still recovering and needs a strong dose of vitaminic antivirus and antispamming!!!

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Raffaella 20/06/2006 14:48

Thanks a lot Tracy! I downloaded it and it found 33 critical situations, which I erase from my pc. Now the only thing I still have to do is to re-enable the pop-up locker.

Iagal 15/06/2006 22:28

I would suggest using ad-aware to help you attack the ickies we tend to pick up while surfing. It's free and I swear by it. Good luck!